Floryl is committed to social responsibility and seeks to implement sustainable business practices throughout its operations. The company meets and complies with all local and national labour and employment laws. We provide a stable and positive working environment with opportunities for professional and personal development.

Floryl provides training to its employees across its operations, alongside opportunities for personal development for employees and their families, including cultural and health awareness programs.

Floryl employs large numbers of local people and we have a proud history of working in cooperation with the local community. We are active members of the local community, participating in the activities of the local branch association.

Floryl’s sustainability policy complies with all local and national legislation, and sustainability sits at the heart of the company’s values and operations. Floryl was an early adopter of environmental protection policies and the first company in the region to comply with national environmental legislation. The company continually seeks to identify new practices and opportunities for sustainable production. 20% of all land is preserved areas with the original natural vegetation.